Outsource Your 3D Modeling Needs to Japan for Top Quality

Outsourcing isn't just about reducing costs-- quality also needs to be maintained. Hiring the lowest bidder can cheapen your brand and turn off your audience.

Why Japan?

Although Japan is famous for expensive real estate, in fact the country has an extensive social insurance system that allows companies to reduce labor costs (as the government picks up the tab) while still providing top quality art. In other words, Japanese artists deliver excellent quality at extremely reasonable prices. StudioGX has bilingual (Japanese/English) producers and directors on staff to ensure that your work gets done on time, under budget, and at a level of quality that surpasses your expectations. We work in a variety of industries, including film, TV, and video games.

Globally leading quality control

Just like the Toyota Production Method revolutionized quality control in the automobile industry, StudioGX has a detailed system for checking creative output at each stage in order to ensure the highest level of quality throughout all of the work that we do. We send regular progress reports as well as sample data and are always just an e-mail or a Skype chat away.

Portfolio of CG Production (Film, TV, Video Games)

The following represent only a few of the many projects our team has worked on. For a custom demo reel and more information on the services we can provide, please contact us.

  • Planning/Production and Direction
  • Amusement Machines(Pachinko・Pachislot)
  • Anime shows
  • Video Games
  • Movies
  • Television

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GX will create whatever you want !

Due to NDAs, we are unable to show our work, but we have done a large number of slot machine-related projects.

    CG production  
Kingdom 2 BS Premium Crowd simulation Animation Modeling Compositing
Akagi Nihon Terebi Background creation Modeling Animation
Linebarrels of Iron Chubu Nihon Hosou Layout Animation Compositing
    CG production  
Saint Seiya DVD CG production  
Rogue Galaxy Level Five Layout Animation Compositing
Super Robot Wars Bandai Namco Animation Compositing Modeling
Digimon Toei Animation CG direction