Anime is a $2,000,000,000 market in Japan that is still growing. StudioGX has 10 years of experience in the anime industry and the connections necessary to make projects of any scale happen.

Your Gateway to Japan's Animation Industry

We can introduce you to Japan's top tier talent for film work or small up-and-coming teams for smaller projects. We have native English speakers on staff who work alongside our Japanese team to eliminate communication barriers and ensure that our team works to realize your vision.

The Japanimation "Look"

We have an extensive background in Japanese animation (anime) and we offer a full range of consulting and production services to companies around the world who want to develop movies, television programs, video games, artwork, and cross-media promotions in authentic anime style. Learn more about how we can help you make an amazing anime, whether you are interested in developing your own anime series or a 30-second commercial. Also see our information about investing in Japanese anime.

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Anime Topic

Sep 05, 2016

There are 3 main media formats in which anime is produced in Japan- television series, theatrical release, and finally OVA. Professional anime is not normally made for platforms such as Youtube or... more