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Manga is an enormous market in Japan that is notable because of its appeal to all ages. Unlike other countries, Japan's comic books are read by Japanese of all ages. The StudioGX team has decades of experience in the manga industry (our President got his start as a manga artists) and the connections necessary to make projects of any scale happen.

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StudioGX can produce manga and digital comics (digital manga) of any scale (ranging from single episodes through to complete series). Whether you're interested in developing your own manga series or a single issue to promote your company's brand, we can give your materials a unique Japanese look that will attract your customers' attention.

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Unlike Western comics, manga are traditionally written, sketched, and inked by a single person. Very few manga artists speak English, and they are often unwilling to meet with parties who do not have connections to their publishers. StudioGX has business relationships with all of Japan's leading publishers as well as new talent. Our English-speaking staff can introduce you to the people you want to meet as well as help you navigate the sometimes complicated world of Japanese publishing.

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Sep 05, 2016

These days, the amount of global manga readers continues to be on the rise. Along with this increase in international readership, there is also a significant global increase in the amount of... more

Sep 05, 2016

Most people might think that biggest thing preventing them from becoming a Managka is just the ability to draw well. But actually, that`s not the case! I know many... more